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Exchange and return of an item of appropriate quality

According to Article 9 of the Law of Ukraine “About Consumer Protection”, the consumer has the right to exchange a nonfood item of appropriate quality for similar at the seller from whom it was acquired if the item didn’t satisfy it in a form, to dimensions, a style, color, the size or for other reasons can’t be used by it for designated purpose.

The consumer has the right for exchange of an item of appropriate quality within fourteen days, apart from day of purchase if longer term isn’t announced by the seller.

Exchange of an item of appropriate quality is made if it wasn’t used and if its trade dress, consumer properties, seals, labels and also the settlement document issued to the consumer together with the sold item is kept or the QR code is reproduced on the display of program registrar of settlement operations (the display on which the program registrar of settlement operations is established) that allows the consumer to carry out his reading and identification with the settlement document on structure of data which contain in it, or the sent electronic settlement document for the subscriber number provided by the consumer or the e-mail address.

The inventory, not subject to exchange (return) on the bases specified in the present article is approved by the Cabinet of Ukraine.

If at the time of exchange of a similar item isn’t present on sale, the consumer has the right or to get any other items from the available range with the corresponding recalculation of cost, or to dissolve the contract and to receive money at a rate of the cost of the returned-back item, or to carry out exchange of an item for similar at the first receipt of the corresponding item in sale. The seller is obliged in day of receipt of an item in sale to report about it to the consumer who demands exchange of an item.


1) Pack an unused item with labels, labels and stickers (if they were parcel components) together with the copy of the invoice or laid on new mail.

2) Well pack an item in order to avoid its damage.

3) You can send the packed item through New Mail (or other post service – by agreement).

The application for exchange or return of an item can be sent in electronic form to the mail, or to issue by phone number: +38 056 787 0137.

Pay attention that the service in return of an item is paid by the client according to tariffs of the post companies. In case of failure to pay the parcel will return to the sender (client).

Please, don’t send a parcel cash on delivery. In this case we won’t be able to receive it and it will return back to you.


We will return money for your cash card:

In case you paid the order with the cash card online, we will automatically return money for the same card.

In case you chose cash on delivery, we will return money for your card which you will specify at filing of application.

Refund terms:

Return of money is carried out on the cash card within 3 working days.

LAW of UKRAINE “About Consumer Protection”. The law came into force since October 01, 1994. With changes and additions. Article 9 of item 1

The resolution of March 19, 1994 No. 172 “About implementation of separate provisions of the Law

Ukraine “About consumer protection”.

Application N 3 to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine

of March 19, 1994 N 172

The inventory of appropriate quality which aren’t subject to exchange (return): food products, medicines and means, sangigiyena objects.