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«STARS» и «BEST WAY» new design!

Dear buyers! We inform you on change of design of packaging of products of “STARS” and “BEST WAY”: Old design: New design: Yours faithfully, OOO “RIF”

Protein: structure, advantage for the athlete

The protein which structure we will consider is popular nutritional supplement. The purpose of its use – to provide organism food (first of all muscles) with protein at active sports activities. For what does the athlete need protein? Enough protein is required for maintenance and accumulation of muscle bulk, for growth of power indicators and […]

What protein is better for a set of weight

A huge number of information on interrelation of protein and growth of muscle bulk does not leave doubts – the protein is necessary for a set of weight, however its thoughtless consumption does not guarantee efficiency at all. Besides, before beginning acceptance, it is necessary to understand variety of types of this sports additive. The […]