ULTRA MASS – a geyner with taste of banana (10%)
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ULTRA MASS – a geyner with taste of banana (10%)


UKTVED code: 2106.
Taste: banana
Minimum unit of shipment: box.
Expiration date: 12 months.
Weight: 1000 g ().
Quantity in the box: 8 pieces.
Price including VAT: 396.54 UAH of 1 kg.



Geyner ULTRA MASS – the high-calorific carbohydrate and proteinaceous mix containing carbohydrates, a concentrate of serumal protein, creatine. It is necessary for a set of the general muscle bulk and creation of muscles. Provides the necessary number of calories during the day and energy for trainings.
• Set of the general muscle bulk
• Obtaining necessary number of calories
• Energy for trainings
• Creation of muscles
High-calorific carbohydrate and proteinaceous mix for a fast set of muscle bulk:
– carbohydrates
– concentrate of serumal protein
– creatine
Taste: banana


Maltodextrin, fructose, the concentrate of serumal protein of 13.4%, starch modified potato, the powdered milk fat-free creatine monohydrate of 2.0%, Banana fragrance, taurine, gum xanthane, mix of sweeteners (sodium saccharin, sodium cyclomate), the anti-cementing agent silicon dioxide, food coloring “Yellow”. Without GMO.


Nutritional value of 100 g of a product: Fats of 0.5 g from them saturated fats of 0 g; Carbohydrates of 78 g of sugar from them 0.84 g; Food fibers of 0 g; Proteins 13.4g; Salt of 0 g.
Power value of 100 g of a product: 403 kcal / 1446 kJ.