Dried fruits

Dried fruits (dried fruits and berries) are considered to be the natural source of vitamins and micronutrient elements required for well-coordinated work of all body systems at any season. They include A and B vitamins, high concentration of glucose, fructose, fiber, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, ferrum, sodium. Dried fruits are valuable for health of cardiovascular system; they improve health of nails, hair and bones and stimulate bowel functioning due to such chemical composition.

Dried fruits are divided into several kinds:

  • dried as one piece with a stone;
  • stoned before usage;
  • dried halves of fruits without stones;
  • dried pieces of fruits.

Dried fruits are healthy and tasty supplement to your food ration that you should not ignore. Despite the fact that water is evaporated, they contain many minerals and proteins that are perfect for start of the day full of energy. Choice of fruits can vary depending on your tastes or needs but anyway dried fruits are a good snack between food intakes and on top of that they make usual dishes peculiar.